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Saturday daytime @ Faery Fayre - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Saturday daytime @ Faery Fayre [Nov. 4th, 2013|05:11 pm]
Saturday 26 October

Saturday after a wonderful breakfast at Miss Haversham table we set out for a day of wandering and shopping at faery fayre and in town, especially to check out Linda Ravenscroft new shop . Also excitingly met and got Jasmine Becket-Griffith book signed. Ended the day in 100 monkeys with the biggest tofu noodle salad on the planet.

 photo IMG_4241.jpg

 photo IMG_4221.jpg

 photo IMG_4222.jpg

 photo IMG_4225.jpg

Throne in our room before it went to the ball as a photo prop.

 photo IMG_4240.jpg

 photo IMG_4242.jpg

 photo IMG_4244.jpg

 photo IMG_4246.jpg

 photo IMG_4248.jpg

 photo IMG_4250.jpg

 photo IMG_4251.jpg

 photo IMG_4252.jpg

 photo IMG_4254.jpg

 photo IMG_4255.jpg

 photo IMG_4256.jpg

 photo IMG_4257.jpg

 photo IMG_4259.jpg

 photo IMG_4261.jpg

 photo IMG_4262.jpg

 photo IMG_4264.jpg

 photo IMG_4266.jpg

 photo IMG_4267.jpg

 photo IMG_4268.jpg

 photo IMG_4270.jpg

 photo IMG_4273.jpg

 photo IMG_4274.jpg

zombies everywhere
 photo IMG_4277.jpg

 photo IMG_4278.jpg

George and pilgrim pub
 photo IMG_4280.jpg

 photo IMG_4281.jpg

 photo IMG_4282.jpg

 photo IMG_4283.jpg

 photo IMG_4284.jpg