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Glastonbury [Oct. 29th, 2013|12:12 pm]
The last few days have been spent with the faeries, we had such a wonderful time, this year B&B being a witchcraft theme one it was better than ever imagine (but it will have his own post)
I much i have missed meeting with all the lovely faeries, being in Glastonbury, it had been a year as we didn't make it to other ball and festival this year...such such a good time.
this year we also took some new passengers Nivine and Zahra and a car full to the Avalon, got badly stuck in traffic near Stonehenge so we decided we might as well stretch our legs there and have a walk about those fab big stones...didn't quite happen as vertical wind and rain fell on us...so took this silly photo once back into the car...and made our way to Glastonbury instead.


and this is why i love glastonbury so much...what happen when walking the streets...which is fairly normal there