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Rasputina at St Pancras Old church - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Rasputina at St Pancras Old church [Oct. 29th, 2013|12:10 pm]

Thursday 24 October
Thursday night we went to see Rasputina at St Pancras Old church. They were sadly only supporting, a band Smoke Fairies that i had never heard off but back then when we booked their tickets it was our only chance to catch them in London . (of course later announced another gig as main acts with support i liked and a lot cheaper)
Still at least we had front row, it was in a great venue, I have been to that church on open day and mostly know for it's Hardy tree or as i call it Sleepy Hollow tree...but sadly too dark to revisit. (Fab tree covered in gravestone)
Rasputina were fantastic, look great and it worked so well in that church (well apart from freezing and harsh pews)
Not really sure about the Smoke Fairies, they had great voices, name, music style, multiple old instruments and even Rasputina playing cellos along but something was really lacking for us to enjoy them...enthusiasm, pwhh, building the songs off, it was a bit blah and boring...

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