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Elegant Elegance @ Nambucca - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Elegant Elegance @ Nambucca [Oct. 23rd, 2013|01:50 pm]
Saturday 20th October
On Saturday busied myself with packing and sorting outfits for following weekend with the Faes, in the afternoon Daevid and Sarah arrived and soon it was time to make my way to Nambucca.
It turned out to be a very nice evening with seeing Daevid new band Quasimido, Luxury strangers which were much better than i remembered and The Last cry that were as intense on stage as always. Also catch up with many friends i haven't see for ages.

 photo 1385241_10151646136761548_402362917_n.jpg

 photo 1380751_10151646135986548_1889787824_n.jpg

 photo 1381982_10151646135981548_1701934188_n.jpg

Luxury Strangers

 photo 1391717_10151646136446548_1915579975_n.jpg

 photo 1379299_10151646136686548_110726837_n.jpg

 photo 944643_10151646136931548_1862835323_n.jpg

Last cry

 photo 1381380_10151646137091548_1591403008_n.jpg

 photo 1392087_10151646137051548_1228701457_n.jpg

 photo 1383918_10151646135976548_463120056_n.jpg

 photo 1380706_10151646136811548_757139052_n.jpg

 photo 1383365_10151646136461548_1951356668_n.jpg

 photo 1395866_10151646136456548_378757983_n.jpg

 photo 1396030_10151646136766548_1391845577_n.jpg