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Daniel silver Dig [Oct. 16th, 2013|05:46 pm]
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Wednesday 16 October
At lunchtime drag along Kat to visit the Daniel silver Dig exhibition; over 2 floors off a building site that i pass everyday near work so finally popped in after seeing review in Time out.
Free, near Warren street station and on until 2 nov..really worth popping in
Eerie alien pompei, very dark , gloomy but touch of humous on some of the sculptures/aliens...great use of such space.


 photo 1374714_10151638437121548_1882815562_n.jpg

 photo 564067_10151638437571548_1114504175_n.jpg

 photo 1374728_10151638438736548_1960092432_n.jpg

 photo 1374344_10151619038791548_334979416_n.jpg

 photo 1374198_10151638435996548_990722873_n.jpg

 photo 996943_10151638436246548_1359253563_n.jpg

 photo 1381658_10151638436086548_850536591_n.jpg

 photo 1381733_10151638436641548_1203753255_n.jpg

 photo 1379421_10151638437386548_524374067_n.jpg

 photo 1381678_10151638436866548_546377826_n.jpg

 photo 1377439_10151638436321548_1666016460_n.jpg

 photo 1392099_10151638436441548_1368607939_n.jpg

 photo 1395362_10151638436176548_1302565295_n.jpg