MorbidFrog (morbidfrog) wrote,

The Second Surrey Steampunk Convivial

Saturday 23 February
Saturday was the Second Surrey Steampunk Convivial. Aly and Rob collected us at Kew Gardens and we did the rest of the journey with them to New Malden. A fun day of clockwork snail racing, wacky races, jenga, tea duelling, shadow puppets ,hat talks,  steampunk silliness and bands

The wacky race was definitely the funniest and most mayhem moment of the many of the remote waves
were mixing with each others, little things on wheel whizzing everywhere. At some stage looked more like twister and it was just
hilarious :)
The intense sport that is Tea Duelling :) and Rob remain the champion again this year and simon lost to a German :)
We also made shadow puppets...although my alien ended up looking very bat like and Simon alien a bit too chappy to make it to the final
performance but  in our defense we left it a bit late on the day and only have 5 min before everything got packed and they prepared for the
The clockwork snail racing was much fun ...both Simon snail and mine lost but it did have a victory in the hand of Lily :)

 photo IMG_6521.jpg

photos seem to have gone in wrong order so will star by end of the night and bands

 photo IMG_6788.jpg

 photo IMG_6784.jpg

 photo IMG_6776.jpg

 photo IMG_6770.jpg

 photo IMG_6767.jpg

 photo IMG_6766.jpg

 photo IMG_6758.jpg

 photo IMG_6743.jpg

 photo IMG_6736.jpg

wacky races
 photo IMG_6728.jpg

 photo IMG_6724.jpg

 photo IMG_6707.jpg

 photo IMG_6700.jpg

 photo IMG_6698.jpg

shadow puppet making
 photo IMG_6687.jpg

 photo IMG_6683.jpg

 photo IMG_6681.jpg

 photo IMG_6677.jpg

 photo IMG_6676.jpg

 photo IMG_6674.jpg

clockwork snail racing
 photo IMG_6661.jpg

 photo IMG_6659.jpg

 photo IMG_6654.jpg

 photo IMG_6650.jpg

 photo IMG_6647.jpg

 photo IMG_6642.jpg

 photo IMG_6636.jpg

 photo IMG_6635.jpg

giant human snail
 photo IMG_6632.jpg

 photo IMG_6623.jpg

 photo IMG_6618.jpg

hat talk
 photo IMG_6601.jpg

 photo IMG_6600.jpg

tea duelling
 photo IMG_6594.jpg

 photo IMG_6591.jpg

 photo IMG_6588.jpg

 photo IMG_6584.jpg

 photo IMG_6582.jpg

 photo IMG_6575.jpg

 photo IMG_6574.jpg

 photo IMG_6572.jpg

 photo IMG_6569.jpg

 photo IMG_6564.jpg

 photo IMG_6562.jpg

 photo IMG_6555.jpg

 photo IMG_6546.jpg

 photo IMG_6541.jpg

 photo IMG_6540.jpg

 photo IMG_6537.jpg

 photo IMG_6533.jpg

 photo IMG_6532.jpg

 photo IMG_6530.jpg

 photo IMG_6528.jpg

 photo IMG_6524.jpg

 photo IMG_6523.jpg

 photo IMG_6522.jpg

 photo IMG_6520.jpg

 photo IMG_6519.jpg

 photo IMG_6517.jpg

 photo IMG_6516.jpg

 photo IMG_6514.jpg

 photo IMG_6512.jpg

 photo IMG_6511.jpg

 photo IMG_6509.jpg

home before setting off
 photo IMG_6507.jpg

 photo IMG_6504.jpg

 photo IMG_6503.jpg

 photo IMG_6501.jpg

 photo IMG_6500.jpg

 photo IMG_6499.jpg

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