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WGT preps & Gardening [May. 20th, 2019|09:06 pm]
Sunday 19 May: WGT preps & Gardening

Been reorganising, repairing and sorting the garden all afternoon. The blackberry plants never had any berries and that corner was just a bramble nightmare so instead got some cheap pergolas and my old bedhead is perfect there. So much better. Just need the wisteria who has slowly been growing to be happy in its new location. Still need lots to do but the drill needs recharging. At least shed organized and accessible again. Better get back so my sewing.

One outfit for WGT sorted and I am really happy with the dragon additions and what transformation a bit of gold paint can do. Especially pleased with the headdress, the dragon sits so well on the horns i got for my birthday...

Also been mkaing this from one of the buddha fabric i brought back from india...started as a little bolero and then the massive sleeves happenned :) used all ther remmant to make bits of overskirt

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Villes de Fleurs Covent garden & Eurovision [May. 20th, 2019|08:52 pm]
Saturday 18 May Part 2: Villes de Fleurs Covent garden & Eurovision

From one party to the next, as i crossed Covent garden i saw those beautiful flower dressed mannequins display

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Then it was Eurovision finale
On tuesday I celebrated and watch it at jeff, with Nadia , Patricia and Gabriel, on thursday at home with simon and sewing , then saturday it was at Gigi & john, with simon, aly and Rob
Gigi got lots of weird and wonderful israelian foods and drinks, even games...shame Iceland, Australia or Norway were robbed from the title and I love Madonna but that was a bad performance.

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Walthamstow Market & Kat baby Shower [May. 20th, 2019|07:47 pm]
Saturday 18 May Part 1: Walthamstow Market & Kat baby Shower

Been busy sewing and very pleased with a new top I have been concocting but I was out a trims I decided to add to it, so on not enough sleep it was off to walthamstow market to see if can found more of it , then rush to Poplar to all gather and surprised Katarina for her baby shower.

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Ich Will [May. 20th, 2019|07:44 pm]
Friday 17 May: Ich Will

Comfy boots & new comfy dress ready to bounce to Rammstein all evening on the dancefloor
Fantastic time at Ich Will last night, Suzanne and I danced from the start till the end. Hardly ever leaving the dancefloor. Everything slightly achy this morning but so worth it.

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Smoke and Mirrors:The psychology of Magic at Wellcome [May. 20th, 2019|07:35 pm]
Thursday 16 May: Smoke and Mirrors:The psychology of Magic at Wellcome

Finally popped by the Wellcome to see their current Exhibition Smoke and Mirrors:The psychology of Magic. Fascinating, especially some of the old posters and the films on various experiments. A lovely section of Harry Price, Mediums, tools, Mentalism, Illusion and it goes so well with the current exhibition on stage magic at Senate House Library
Black cats and occulty things fans , the wellcomer collection shos is a bit dangerous atm

Full set : ceciledubuis.smugmug.com/2019/Smoke-and-mirrors/

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Souvenirs [May. 20th, 2019|06:27 pm]
Just a few souvenirs !!!

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Japanese Loos [May. 20th, 2019|06:25 pm]
I already miss lots of things from Japan, so clean, polite, safe... but mostly it's loos. They are always so clean and available at every stations, corner shops, temples, which is handy as hot and cold tea dispersers are also everywhere. They come with self-cleaning, multiple sounds, buttons, some open automatically, some light up, some have birds singing, some waterfalls sound and the seat is heated. Rarely twice the same. It sometimes can take a while figuring out which button is the flush however

i also really liked their deep cute mini bath

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Cat exhibition Hotel, temples and rollercoaster through buildings [May. 20th, 2019|05:37 pm]
Friday 26 April : Cat exhibition, fancy Hotel, temples and rollercoaster through buildings

Photos here/Ici

Last day, cold and raining, started with a cute shrine on our way to see cats

The bakeries are amazing here, so many yummy sweet and salty brioches...today I had to try that one.. Asparagus in bread

Lockers for your wet umbrella

We went to see this Cat exhibition in this stunning location Hotelgajoen-tokyo.

The rooms the cats exhibition was held, are in the hotel 1930 wing amazing ceiling, old style Japanese rooms, woodwork decors, so much to look at...once again our guide Audrey made her discover a true fabulous place. Cats and fancy decors

We then visited the rest of the hotel, never seen an hotel with its own waterfalls, inside rivers going round the cafes and bars, stunning artworks, amazing ceilings , grotto, inside zen gardens..and that was the ground floor !!!

Yesterday toilets might have been blighy, but those one had beautiful ceilings, a river and a bridge !!!

a small cute temple

Taieizan Gokokuin Ryusenji Temple.
Last temple visit on our trip... Some good statues, dragons and even a frog

Impressive Love hotel in the distance and visiting another little local shrine...an octopus one

Tokyo Dome City.
Said goodbye to Japan by riding a roller coaster built on the third floor and zooming across a building. Very strange , extra high and fun, despite having to remove all my earrings, my watch,my hair clips ... a little bit over the top...but whoaa I went through a building. Crazy Japan. Last bit of shopping and dinner with Audrey.. It has been such a wonderful holiday and to spend time together...

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Engagement shoot... [May. 20th, 2019|03:15 pm]
Just received the photos from Steve K from our engagement shoot...
Photos here: https://morbidfrog.dreamwidth.org/1681919.html

Here a few :

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The Robot Show [May. 16th, 2019|10:22 pm]
Thursday 25 April: The Robot Show

Photos here/Ici

Loved Shinjuku by night, our hotel was in that neighbourhood a few years ago but obviously not on the right side. Such exciting streets full of weird architecture, neon signs, bars, lots of craziness as we arrived a big premiere was happening underneath the giant Godzilla.

The robot show

Some impressive sparkly blingy toilets

The bar waiting area was so bad taste it was hilarious. I felt inside a slot machine mixed with really tacky Versace furniture.

even the stairs to go down were incredible

The robot show just pure awesome, stuff like that is why I wanted to return to Japan...crazy, insane, Kawaii, robots, mangas but in here in a live music action/ dance craziness. Giant dolls, pandas, fighting Trish robots versus drummers, ninja from techno to abba !!! Unique , we did not stop smiling and I have never seen Simon take so many photos :) a must see if in Tokyo, even their weird American like cardboard selling interval were surreal and amusing.

videos will express it more

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