New creation shoot...60's meet 80's

Saturday 4 th April: New creation shoot...60's meet 80's

Playing with angle, it was fun to play haidresser but gosh there is still hair everywhere from all the cutting

Behind the scene of home shoot ;)

Playing with new creation in the garden ;) also recently made that old dress longer and more wearable.

Hail the sunshine 🌞🌞🌞, although attempted to play Carcassonne outside and had to wrap up a lot but still sunshine ❤️

full set:


Sewing hair, a new experience

Last féw nights has involved sewing hair, it started life as a sinamay horns hat idea and now slowly metarmorphing into something else, more a hair creation , will see what it end up as

 Lots of hair cutting, sewing and twisting and many changes along the way but please with it and super light. Quite different to the original idea but that is often the case. Grimoire is not so sure 😸


Weekend in isolation

Saturday 4 April:

Cat enjoying this stuck at home way too much 😸

All being crafty in the house , followed a little 10 min youtube vidéo and made myself a face mask and a light switch is being decorated

Sunday 5 th April

Breakfast and slow waking up in the sun and we did not even make it to virtual slimelight, but I have a clean Saturday's night have become just weird !!! I am so grateful to have a little garden after so many years of not.

Current bathtub scene :) Damaged skeleton dog has been in a garden for a few years, its head recently fell off and has now been replanted and has ferns coming out of it. Got an idea for the body but needs a good scrub first 🐩🐕

even sorted the whole shed today!!!


Virtual home tours

To help get motivated to do a bit Spring Cleaning, mostly tackle the dusting and various little repair job . As each room get done , i try to do a little video as i have been asked for a virtual tour of the house .
2 weeks in lockdown and we have done 3 rooms Living room Bedroom Toilet

Home shoot with new wig and necklace

Having made a new wig, earrings and necklace, well i wanted some photos of it worn and it sadly might be a while before i get the occasion. Also i had not dressed or wore make up in 2 weeks so we did a mini phone shoot to show off my latest creations




Trying to use this time at home to soem use, although hard to be inspired with all the events being cancelled

Been playing with silk clay

Finished a wig i started ages ago

finally painted that fairy door


Troll gardening

Saturday 21 March: Troll gardening

Been gardening today, well troll gardening ;) I brought back a few from my childhood stash at Xmas , ripped their hair off and they joined the two I got a fairyfest. Made a flowery one, a fern one and ivy toadstools one
New happy family, and creating a greenery on the shelves

so had to rearrange the window display


Cat Post

A cat post

the cats are loving this stay home nightmare..they never seen us so much and keep looking cute

working from home with them not always easy


All changed

Monday 16 March: All changed

That day went to work but upset as it looked more and more that we would not be able to have our wedding in April, my library had to suddently closed down due to lack for heating and hot water and we all started to work from home, expecting to return a few days later. The rest of university closed that week. I have been working from home since, although still getting the hang of the various tools and systems.
France went into lockdown so started to make plan to postpone the wedding..hopefully will happen in August . Been busy sorting all the hotels, bookings, travels, hen nights, details...all very upsetting.
Since then everything has pretty much shut and I have only been out once to get some food. Which has become an adventure in itself

we were lucky of a few days of sunshine so been attempting boxing in the garden

There has been lots of cleaning, our plan is to dust the whole house as well in much need and do a little video room by room as been asked for virtual house a bit of a plan...
Did not help discovering the bat was infected so had to clean whole coffin anyway.


In the newspaper fairy ball

I have just received this through the post ( thank you Sophie Longdon I had forgotten so nice surprise) we are in the Somerset Gazette article of the Glastonbury Butterfly Fairy Ball 🦋🧚🦋🧚