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Bring and Buy and new hair [Sep. 19th, 2018|06:48 pm]
Sunday 16 September: Bring and Buy and new hair

On saturday simon left very early to go re-enacting and I spent the day in croydon catching up with georgie and in the evening covering my head in bleach ...
On sunday i played with colours, the bleach did not take as well as previosuly but then i had soem black recently so colour not as flash as i wanted but it usually take a few session. Also my fav magenta was not on offer so did a mixture of pink and some purple i had left...still glad to have a change
In the afternoon i popped to the bring and buy for lots of chatting and a few bargains

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Sin City [Sep. 19th, 2018|06:44 pm]
Friday 14 September: Sin City

I was exhauted from a crazy week at work and also emotionally tired but i really needed a pick me up and sin city is only once a year...so dragged myself out. Glad I did as the dancing did me good...

fresh new very hsort fringe in preparation to colour hair changing

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Cats & garden [Sep. 19th, 2018|05:39 pm]
We popped to Ikea to grab those skull terracota pots...so more planting

cats also finally have started to be out now chipped and neutered

cat shrine

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Cats [Sep. 19th, 2018|05:37 pm]

Being starred at whilst in the bath

on Monday grimoire cone finally was taken out so moved it to another cat to confuse Marlowe

High on Inkubus Sukkubus catnip

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Lodge Park and Sherborne Estate [Sep. 17th, 2018|06:13 pm]
Sunday 9th September: Lodge Park and Sherborne Estate NT

Our next visit was a pretty old stately hunting and gambling Lodge at Lodge park. Braving the inquisitive cows to locate the Neolithic long barrow and pet cemetery.
Not bad setting for a picnic

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Westbury Court Garden NT [Sep. 17th, 2018|06:07 pm]
Sunday 9th September: Westbury Court Garden NT

Breakfast time

with my fav bands <3 <3

we then set off to visit a few National Trusts on our way back, first stop was the pretty Westbury Court Garden , a dutch style water garden

look at that tree

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Tales of Witchcraft with Inkubus Sukkubus [Sep. 17th, 2018|05:41 pm]
Saturday 8 September: Inkubus Sukkubus Tales of Witchcraft and Wonder

That day we went to Minsterworth Village Hall in Glouceshire for the 3rd installment of Tales of Witchcraft to celebrate the third album Sabrina from that special trilogy
Set up camp outside the pretty village hall, catch up with everyone, watch some sound check, meet lots of new people and other fabs i met last year. This year it was in 2 installment but couldn't mka eit the week before.
Lovely event with a acoustic beautiful Inkubus Sukkubus set, enthralling Chloe - thee Midnight Storyteller, witty and so funny poet Peter Wyton, beautiful dancing by Ivy Asimi and Morris fun with Styx Morris Men of Stroud.

I got courageous and cut my lovely killstar dress as the sleeves just too tight and added them onto a old top so more comfy for that night. Also got to wear the hair i worked on the weekend before

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Antichrist; Vampire Ball [Sep. 17th, 2018|05:25 pm]
Friday 7th September: Antichrist; Vampire Ball

Not been clubbing for ages, so it was so good to finally have a dance . It was especially nice to be back at Antichrist, kept being away or busy when it was on and summer always more about traveling and filling up on outdoor and sunshine.The "new" venue is pretty fantastic, the industrial room decor very sci_fi trippy, danced in all the rooms, being on same levels make it easy although I am sure we didn't discover every corners. Great to see vamp groups friends I haven't seen in years and to be surrounded by so many stunning outfits. It was hard to leave the dancefloors but at least we were in bed just before 6am, sleep, friend came round to borrow some outfits, pack all our camping grear and now on our way to Gloucestershire to see Inkubus Sukkubus

No photos policy there so juts a few before going out

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I am a giant troll doll :) [Sep. 5th, 2018|05:53 pm]
Photos from MartinSoulstealer... he took at the New forest Fairy festival

I am a giant troll doll :)

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(no subject) [Sep. 5th, 2018|05:51 pm]
Our latest pet :)

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