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Walton on Thames swim [Jul. 9th, 2018|06:56 pm]
Sunday 8 July: Walton on Thames swim

very early start so bus to edware for aly and rob to collect me and drove to Walton on thames to join Judith and Conrad for a swim. It was amazing, a little island with easy access to water, a swing and some shade. View of a pretty house and fields in the back. The water was super clear and i finally got to swim in the thames and it was amazing. Lots of pretty boats sailing past and stopping for a swim. I so want to return there but quite a way away .

i hope this heatwave last all summer, it has been so wonderful , ages since we had more than the odds days...so making the most of it

Return home about the same time as simon (from reenacting) and we both as knackered and unwilling to unpack the car :)

i could spend all my sundays this way

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Jerome 50 Birthday [Jul. 9th, 2018|05:53 pm]
Saturday 7 July: Jerome 50 Birthday

Didn't make it to Pride sadly, but at least I made it to jerome big birthday yesterday and I feel a bit more prepared for upcoming family visit and weekends away . The journey back was very party like in the tube between the cure tshirts and the post pride, luckily not too many drunken football fans

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Frockaholic: Grads, Grayson and Gorgeous Dress [Jul. 6th, 2018|06:34 pm]
Friday 6 July: Frockaholic: Grads, Grayson and Gorgeous Dress

Done well this week, made it to the gym 4 times; 2 boxing classes, 1 spinning and the gym gym , been to the pond and swam lots at weekend so decided to be lazy this lunchtime and to go and see this instead (also the class i planned to do was cancelled) and i am aching and so tired due to kittens waking us up a lot....

For the past 14 years, Central Saint Martins has collaborated with Grayson Perry on an end of year project “Make something gorgeous for Grayson Perry”. This translates to every 2nd year BA fashion print student at the college designing an outfit for the artist.

Some fantastic outfit creations for one of my favorite artist. Fantastic array of colour, loved both the acidic print ones and the pastels dreamy versions. Some amazing print ideas from slug aubergine killers to Grayson School for naughty boys and that gorgeous dress using grayson art print <3


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Houghton Mill Pond and River Oose [Jul. 3rd, 2018|06:28 pm]
Sunday 1 July: Houghton Mill Pond and River Oose

After amazing brunch at Tash and John, they went onto a biker event and we returned to Houghton Mill Pond, the sluice gate was open, so swimming is a lot more hard work against the currents than the day before..but can also float all along the river and return via the meadows.
tash & John joined us for a few more swims and an ice cream before we had to drive back to London

Wonderful relaxing swimming weekend

such a pretty village too

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Natasha and John BBQ [Jul. 3rd, 2018|06:25 pm]
Saturday 30 June: Natasha and John BBQ

In the evening we were staying at Tash & John, who had some friends over and organised a fab BBQ, so spent all evening in the garden chattering to BBQ and then a firepit

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Houghton Mill Pond and River Swim [Jul. 3rd, 2018|06:20 pm]
Saturday 30 June: Houghton Mill Pond and River Swim

being such a sunny weekend we decided to return to Simon old ground in Huntingdon, to have a swim in the pond..still as idyllic..even better this time we explore the river further which is actually the best bit...a glorious afternoon of swim, games and unicorn riding

goths here !!!

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West London Reservoir Swim [Jul. 3rd, 2018|06:12 pm]
Friday 29 June: West London Reservoir Swim

That evening we booked tickets on Secret Adventure for :Lake Swim, Cocktails & Campfire, we just got so lucky it was amazing weather.
I had visited the reservoir on open house but swimming in there is normally restricted to wet suit and clubs so we had to grab the opportunity.

Forced to wear silly hats but the weather was delicious and so big...shame just too short. Only 1.30 min in the water , then they had marshmallow to toast and one bar and food stall but prices and queues were a bit high so we then bundle everyone into the car (and me in the boot) and went to wood green for Turkish food.

Such a shame not open for casual swimmers as so near home in manor house

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Grimoire & Marlowe [Jul. 3rd, 2018|06:10 pm]
A busy week

On Monday I went for a swim in the ladies pond..
On Tuesday we went to see Solo at the Cinema, much enjoyed
On Wednesday Patricia and Gabriel came for kittens and dinner
On Thursday Natasha came to meet them and on Friday Suzanne.

They also like the bath :)

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The Shrine [Jun. 26th, 2018|08:37 pm]
Sunday 24 June: The Shrine

A bit more details on our latest project: the Garden Shrine. Mostly made from recycling bits dumped in the streets and a few niknaks brought back from Thailand. Kept popping back in the house with “it needs some toadstools, witches, fairies, doll parts, frogs, mermaid, skeletons, bats, spiders, dragons, horned things, zombies”, even Bowie and Manson are in there and I imagine it will continue to grow. Especially love the panels Simon painted on the side. Very chuffed with the result, bringing back inspiration from our travels, with a good dose of us to our urban garden

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Occulture [Jun. 26th, 2018|07:14 pm]
Saturday 23 June: Occulture

After the march, we joined a few for a drink , then back to wood green and yummy Turkish food and then the nose bleed started. I get lots of nosebleed but that was intensified by the mega hay fever triggered at the march..pretty much one after the other...by the time it was time to get ready to go out i was knackered and felt like i had drawn and headachy. Still it was Patricia Birthday and she had a terrible loss on her birthday so i wanted to be there for her, so we did make it. Glad i did as we had a good chat and saw lots of friends but i had to retake many of the photos when i had my eyes actually opened :)
Also Henna and the hat lady had given me this wonderful headdress at the fairy festival so needed to test it out :)

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