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Creations [Oct. 10th, 2019|08:06 pm]

I think that was fastest skirt I ever made. A quick sew at waist for elastic, done, the two metres I got for a whole 3 euro was perfect size, so did not even need any cutting :). Spent longer sewing button snaps for the corset trims and attaching skull wall ornament on the collar

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Wandelbury and Andy [Oct. 10th, 2019|07:59 pm]
Sunday 6 October: Wandelbury and Andy

Popped via Asda living on our way to visit a friend , mostly to check a tip about nice skeleton shirts, got the shirt and a big dog !!!could not resist need a guard dog in the garden.

Autumnal balad in Wandelbury and scouting for the band photoshoot next week

From sibbling utter cuteness to not another one

we went to visit Sara and brought back a little bit of Andy with us. In a form of quite a few of his symphonic metal CDs, many of those bands we discovered and went to see together over the years . I will definately need to create more space on my shelves now, especially impressed by the compilations he had created with songs starting by specific letters. We also returned with a few new games, Istanbul was the last game we played together and we have been meaning to get a copy ever since and Neil Gamain A study in Emerald has been on simon xmas list for ages. So a bit of a mix of happy and sad kind of day

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Occulture [Oct. 10th, 2019|06:51 pm]

Saturday 5 October: Occulture

Failed to make it to Zombie walk and a few other events that day but we did make it to Occulture and lots of zombies were there . Great night with friends

When an aquarium prop get a little makeover so it goes with one's corset

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Exit the Grey with Vanguard & Berlyn Trilogy [Oct. 10th, 2019|06:36 pm]
Friday 4th October: Exit the Grey with Vanguard & Berlyn Trilogy

I was a bit desperate to go clubbing as not been since august and Exit the Grey for ages....they also had bands on and a free friday night..easy decision. I have never heard of them but it was a good idea as it was a bit quiet attendance wise and Vanguard were very good. Not my usual type of band to see live but enjoyed it and even won the tshirt!!
Also perfect excuse to wear the dress gigi gave me  and play with makeup to match...must do red eyebrows more often :)
Dance a lot so i was happy , althouhg my feet in big plaforms were not so much ...

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St Winefride Holy Well and fabric shopping with Jennifer [Oct. 3rd, 2019|06:12 pm]
Monday 23 September:
we went to help Gigi and John clear their flat, well we went and had a rummage before unwanted stuff got collected and return with bag full of clothes , games and religious tack :)

Thursday 26 September: Given marriage notice
we went to haringety registry to give notice and get interviewed by the registrar!!

Saturday 28 September : St Winefride Holy Well & Abakhan

On a train to Crewe to be collected by Jennifer. She took me to Wales to a massive fabric complex :) and warehouse sale...Abakhan
Got some amazing bargains for the wedding dress and a few halloween shopping was also wine.
The rest of the weekend involved playing with my ideas for the wedding dress and that went very well and we have now a plan of action for what to make next.

She then took me to visit St St Winefride Well Shrine and at certain times you can bathe there. Really special place

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Sumaya [Sep. 23rd, 2019|11:40 pm]
Sunday 22 September : Sumaya

Lovely day catching up with my "UK family " and getting excited about all the big events next year ❤️

first lets cross london again, this time south

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Nytt Land , Seventh harmonic, Seidrblot at Electrowertz [Sep. 23rd, 2019|11:29 pm]
Saturday 21 September: Nytt Land , Seventh harmonic, Seidrblot at Electrowertz

Mega quick refresh, food and getting change to rush back out to gig. Wood green station was also closed so had to drive

Yay made it in time for seventh harmonic ...

Seidrblot awesome bearded robed viking chanting and drumming

Fab to see Nyttland again , very different to see them indoor but still as beautifully intense...


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London Open House Blue House yard [Sep. 23rd, 2019|11:22 pm]
Saturday 21 September: London Open House Blue House yard

Crossed London a few times today , our last open house visit us more local by wood green station. Blue House Yard a collection of new creative workspace, colourful work sheds, double decker game cafe, zero waste supermarket...really cool to get a tour and get the history behind the project
Finally resting our feets for a few minutes, shame no time to test the boardgames as the bus us full of them but odd to a gig :) interesting smoked camomille beer

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London Open House Tree of Life and Apartment Art Gallery London [Sep. 23rd, 2019|10:00 pm]
Saturday 21 September: London Open House Tree of Life and Apartment Art Gallery London

Really cool gallery in a house near mosaic house with great varieties of artists, such a fabulous concept.

We then on a little walk to find the Tree of life by south Acton station. Made by same artist and collective as mosaic house. Amazing details .

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London open House Mosaic House Chiswick [Sep. 23rd, 2019|09:24 pm]
Saturday 21 September : London open House Mosaic House

Mosaic House Open House link

Mosaic House ,what an incredible place, nestled on a suburban road in Chiswick, a real explosion of colours but it really took another meaning once the artist Carrie Reichardt explained that many of the murals are memorials of people on death row she communicated with and some have become friends. Suddently the original prison ID card inserted in the wall, the many skulls and symbols, the memorial to Black Panthers, the taxi covered in mosaic with a tribute to Kenny ‘Zulu’ Whitmore, another prisoner in the American penal system who spent over 36 years in solitary confinement take on a very different meaning. The house is decorated at the front and the back and the garden is also pretty awesome too. Inside less decorated (no photos) but some very nice quirky artist works for sale and realising she was an artist in residence at my old uni sadly after i did my ceramic degree. Inspirational and original. You can read a lot more about all the details on her website and on the open house entry

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