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Grimoire and Marlowe [Jun. 25th, 2018|08:22 pm]

Tuesday 18 Jun: New kittens

Last night we collected out new furry babies. The stripey is a little boy Marlowe and the B&W is his sister Grimoire.
they have settle in fabulously, exploring every cornet in the house and keep finding new places to hide and play with. Our nights have been broken by loving purring , toes catching and play fight above us...tired but loving it

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FairyFest Fairy Circus Day [Jun. 25th, 2018|07:57 pm]

Sunday 17 June: FairyFest Fairy Circus Day

Post aborted swimming, we had to face it and get dressed :)
John impressed us with his stilt walking skills, a very bad attempt at hula hoop, but I will blame the multiple unplanned layers I was wearing . Mermaids singing, we still cannot unicycle, watch lots of cool bands, one impressive one man violin/didgeridoo/drums combo. Drank lots of amoretto chai tea to keep warm, the circus was very cool and I love the idea as it was a bit different, really fitted well there and I was especially impressed the troop was so young. Simon performed as Hi-Reciprocity and despite the loop pedal technical issue it seemed to go down very well and definitely created some new young fans with the singing kangaroo. Thanks to everyone who came along to support him. Ending the day with another great dose of Prima Nocta.

I am so grateful to everyone being there for me, it could have been quite a difficult weekend as on the Friday it would was my dad birthday , he would have been 81 and of course being father day on the Sunday, so thanks to everyone that kept me smiling and all the hugs <3

our fairy circus creations:

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FairyFest Fairy Circus Day [Jun. 25th, 2018|06:50 pm]

Sunday 17 June: Mount Edgecumbe and the sea

Woken by a seagul on the tent, soaked abrief 10 min of sunshine, hoped i might make it for a swim in the sea but I had to retrieved indoor again. So Port Royal game until the rain cease..

Despite the continues rain, we decided to go and check out the sea nonetheless, just in case in was warm!!! Blimey even for my toes that was freezing, so swimming attempt aborted

Another morning of awaiting the rain to pass in camp dragon, we did an attempt at dipping our toes into the sea (so cold) .

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Cornwall fairy festival 'unicorns' in Guinness world record bid first [Jun. 25th, 2018|06:35 pm]
We broke a new guiness world record  for unicorn and simon and I ended up on the BBC!!!


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FairyFest Unicorns [Jun. 25th, 2018|06:23 pm]

Saturday 16 June: FairyFest Unicorns

Once the horrible rain had ceased we had a fun filled day with breaking a world record for most Unicorns whilst being serenated by Damh the Bard, we had silly fun at a red carpet fairy door selfie workshop, watch fairy dog show, an handfasting, Laura fantastic debut gig, walking trees, glitter bums and lots of great bands and Bagpipes.
Shame it was so cold but found ways to add layers underneath my outfit....

To see photos as too many to copy and paste individually: click the link below
Pour voir les photos comme il y en a un peu trop pour copier et coller individuellement: cliquez sur le lien ci-dessous

Our creations for the day:


cooking and evening wear

mostly so can really layer up so cold

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FairyFest Mermaids and Madhatters [Jun. 25th, 2018|05:55 pm]

Friday 15 June: FairyFest Mermaids and Madhatters

Long drive to cornwall in the morning but we arrived there for midday, Camp dragon had saved us a lovely space with everyone on our fav side of the site so quick tent set up and gettting fairies up. The theme of the day was madhatter and mermaids so went as a mermaid but of the more tribal variety...

Fun start of the festival with sleepy cute pony unicorn, real mermaids show in a water tank, wine in the warmth of Pete wagon, great show by Pixiephonic, Perklet , Rapalje and many more... we even had nuggets of sunshine, although it was a bit cold...
When we crossed the bridge into cornwall it dropped to 14degree and rain :(

There was a funny moment when i left the Fae shop and Brian went "is that part of your outfit?" I seem to have wings that steal tops

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McQueen, Two Noble Kinsmen@Globe & Alt Bring & Buy [Jun. 13th, 2018|05:43 pm]
Friday 8th June: McQueen at the cinema

I join Aly and Rob for dinner and see this film/documentary. It was fantastic , really show the talent but also the demons of the designer. His creations were mindblowing but it was also hard viewing knowing the sad end. Really recommend for anyone interested in fashion and art.

Saturday 9th June: Two Noble Kinsmen at the Globe

That day work up very early so could sort my outfits for faeryfest, so bahind with the unexpected trip to france, then i had to rush to the Globe to meet with the usual suspect at the Globe. The only one i could do this summer. Not one i knew anything about but very enjoyable and easy play. Loved the morris dancing and folkloric outfits . Popped for the pub for one drink but i was not really in the mood and also very tired so returned home , missed reptile but did more sewing and sorting


Sunday 10th June: Alternative bring and Buy

another morning enable to sleep in, so instead sort my unicorn outfit, finally finished and all 3 packed so decided deserve a break and to pop to the Bring and BUy, lovely to see everyone and getitng so many hugs but at same time emotionally exhausting as make you think of the loss a lot. Found a greta dress, wing and necklace. I had left home in a packing mess so decided to return rather than go to ace & eight to sort it all out so simon return to less mayhem. He returned from Malta around 4 am

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France Last day [Jun. 8th, 2018|07:40 pm]
To restore some much needed energy we had a more relaxing day on the sunday with lunch by the river, played in the mud and had a refreshing swim in the Ardeche before the sky exploded again.

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France [Jun. 8th, 2018|07:25 pm]
Fruit picking and being eaten alive by mosquitoes , during the rare time of sunshine (there was a lot of rain) .

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St Montant Medieval Village [Jun. 8th, 2018|07:09 pm]
On Monday 28 May I got a call that my dad had died of an heart attack . I rushed to france the next day
It was an emotional, tough, exhausting, upsetting, sad week but also heartwarming being together as a family and supporting each other in this difficult time. I also got to cuddle my great niece a lot as she has grown so much since last summer and is just so adorable

In between the difficult times a few souvenir from being together

St Montant Village for a bit of a stroll

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