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Ant-Man and the Wasp [Aug. 17th, 2018|10:55 pm]
Thursday 16 August: Ant-Man and the Wasp

That was silly entertaining light-hearted fun, not seen the previous one but it did not matter too much for once. Not one i knew nothing about but went to keep Simon happy, so it was a lovely suprised to discover who was in it and came out smiling

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Croatia [Aug. 17th, 2018|09:50 pm]
Off to Croatia

This weekend we are off to Cratia to spend a long week in Split...beach, GOT castles, Waterfalls, Froggyland and Seafood here we come

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Kayaking to a Brewery [Aug. 17th, 2018|08:40 pm]
Wednesday 15 August: Kayaking to a Brewery

We booked to do this on Rob Birthday. It was a lot of fun and so relaxing. Got to visit a part for the east london canal i know less, from Limehouse basin to Hackney Wick
The fun bit was doing a lock all together , quite rough in there . Some parts were so thick with green, it made a lovely sound . saw lots of wildlife , alive and a few dead. Lots of graffitis, olympic park and some very fab looking bars along the way.

We terminate at the crate Brewery , where we joined Amanda, Martin, Else and martin .Llovely location along the canal, even a mini bar barge. Beers were a bit pricey but what a fab array of pizzas..we had a fabulous weird one, a Kashmiri Dahl pizza with:
Mozzarella, fresh spinach , dahl, cumin seeds,chilis, crispy shallots, mango churtney, greek yoghurt, fresh banana slices and fresh coriander. !!! surreal and their middle eastern one was even more gorgeous. I want to return just to try them all (the sweet potato sounded good too and a sage and truffle!!) Right next to Hackney Wick station too. Not been there since i move out of that area moons ago. I think I need to dedicate an day of exploring cool boats and bars along the canal in Hackney soon :).

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Cats [Aug. 17th, 2018|07:30 pm]
Never had cats so fascinated by baths, despite having fallen in quite a few times, they just have to be there to put their tails and paws in

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shopping [Aug. 17th, 2018|07:21 pm]
Post fairies
so so soaked

my shopping

went graden crazy :)

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New Forest fairy Festival [Aug. 17th, 2018|06:29 pm]
Sunday 12 August: New Forest fairy Festival

It was cold, wet and welll wet :(
So different to last year, not had much luck this year getting soaked at all the fairy events ands then lovely summer in between. Still despite that we had a lovely day with friends and shopping. Shame it wasn't as nice to watch bands or show but the stalls are just so good there at least.

First breakfast berry picking :)

hailing for the sun to return

i let simon borrow my griffin it got very wet


the rest of the PHOTOS HERE / PHOTOS ICI

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Unicorn! [Aug. 17th, 2018|06:25 pm]
Saturday 11 August: Unicorn!!

Our plan to go and have a swim in the sea went not as appealing with the horrible weather, so instead we had a lazy morning, did some packing and started to travel to Cheryl and Dave in Chichester via Homesense, sadly the halloween tat has not arrived yet but they had a new toy shop so we were lost in there for a while...returned with a 2 headed mermaid :)

Lovely evening with boardgames

my headdress ganed a few new fairies and crow

had to be done!!

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Steampunk article [Aug. 14th, 2018|06:58 pm]
Look who is feature front page :)


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France and the Gorges du Verdon [Aug. 10th, 2018|06:44 pm]
I have done a quick round up of the week, mostly camping and discover a stunning new part of the region
the full album is here:  Photos

Monday 30 July: En route to the Verdon

I travelled to france on the Sunday then on the monday we all went to the Verdon region for a few days camping with my sister, both nieces and great niece. Other friends also joined us :)
We were staying near the Lac D'esperon, a beautiful turqoise lake, with super clear water. This area is well know for his Gorges, who are known as the french grand canyon , the deepest gorge in France and one of the biggest in europe and a must see.
It was super hot but at night the air was cool which was much enjoyable...well apart from the mosquitoes but compares to at home a lot lot less of the evil things
the afternoon was spent in the lake swimming and playing with baby Anna

Tuesday 31 July: Lac d' Esperon
morning spend in the water, back at campsite for lunch and in the afternoon we rented a slide pedalo and took our own blow up kayak so we could all have a go, even baby Anna went on both
In the evening we went to check out the local gig, more bad karaoke so instead we went for a midnight swim in the marina

Wednesday 1 August: The Gorges du Verdon

That morning we set up for a day of a breathtaking circular "corniche" route around the rim of the gorge. The road was scary at times and lots of beautiful viewpoints along the way. we stopped in most stunning creperie with views to die for but the threatening storm stopped them serving luckily we found another place with less views but amazing food...salad full of bits and fruits, a baguette and berries :)
It was perfect as by then it was heavily raining
from the viewpoint we got some stunning views, especially with clouds belows creating waterfall effect.

My sister, niece and great niece ❤ Today my great niece Anna is 1 :)

Thursday 2 August: Lake Artignosc

Last day in the Verdon, so we went to another lake for the day, lots of cannoing, jumping and swimming. Water was so clear, fresh and gorgeous.
Drive back to St Cecile , that was hot...went to dinner before making our way back to isabelle

Friday 3 august: with mum
that day was spent with my mum in pierrelatte

Saturday 4 August

Quick catching up with veronique , only time we were both free, then we all went to St cecile to join chloe in the market and have lunch together..mussels and chips

in the afternoon Anna was having her 1st birthday party...30 guests, saw people i have not seen in a long time...lots of cakes and lots of presents ..it was so hot ended up playing in the poond and water

Sunday 5 august

That day we spent all morning having one last swim in the Ardeche river, and in the afternoon went to avignon to catch my eurostar back

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Sumaya Surrpise 50th [Aug. 9th, 2018|06:11 pm]
Saturday 28 July: Sumaya Surrpise 50th

we had to leave steampunk early so we could go to Keston (some stunning very un london countryside was driven accross)
She is my oldest friend in the UK, she has known me since I was 15 . Had I not ended in her family on my first trip to london that summer, then welcomed me, years after years until I finally moved here permanently, my life today might be very different. Happy birthday to someone very special

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