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Cathedral, Japanese Garden & La Cigale (Nantes) - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Cathedral, Japanese Garden & La Cigale (Nantes) [Sep. 16th, 2015|06:21 pm]
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Sunday 13 September: Nantes Cathedral,

Tried to visit the Cathedral but they were in full service so only able to have a quick peek (and the crypt sadly closed in morning), so instead we headed out for the Japaneses garden on the Versaille island. Very pretty and relaxing and a part of the city must explore next time.

We were hoping to go and have tea inside La Cigalle, but they were in full lunchtime service (and a bit too pricey) but they were kind enough to ket us go inside to see it and take some picture...whoaaaa stunning decor .

Then soon it was time to collect our stuff and make out way back to London ...at the airport we got light snow and then full on crazy rain

 photo DSCN2535.jpg

 photo DSCN2537.jpg

 photo DSCN2539.jpg

 photo DSCN2540.jpg
on way to iles de versaille with baguette
 photo DSCN2541.jpg
japanese garden
 photo DSCN2542.jpg

 photo DSCN2543.jpg

 photo DSCN2544.jpg

 photo DSCN2545.jpg

 photo DSCN2546.jpg

 photo DSCN2547.jpg

 photo DSCN2548.jpg

 photo DSCN2553.jpg

 photo DSCN2554.jpg

 photo DSCN2556.jpg

 photo DSCN2558.jpg
 photo DSCN2561.jpg

la cigale
 photo DSCN2562.jpg

 photo DSCN2563.jpg
 photo DSCN2564.jpg

 photo DSCN2565.jpg

 photo DSCN2566.jpg

 photo DSCN2567.jpg

 photo DSCN2568.jpg

 photo DSCN2569.jpg