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the last few weeks - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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the last few weeks [Sep. 10th, 2015|05:18 pm]
Gosh photobucket finally sorted itself out so i can post again!!!

been busy few weeks...evening mostly filled with games night...wednesday at Liza with Paul and Martin playing talisman which went on forever!!!

 photo 11951222_10152938078566548_7084974039974011465_n.jpg
 photo 11988663_10152938078541548_4998048757624289101_n.jpg

Next day Damien and Ariane came for dinner and a perfect excuse to test our latest purchase on them Dixit...such a lovely game.

My driving instructor has quitted...not just on me on everyone so saturday decided to have a go in simon car to found 3 !!!!3 parking tickets on the car..bloody haringey council yet again didn't bother to send reminder and our parking permit had expired...£200 worth of fine and in the usual stupid system ..cannot appeal if we pay, cannot renew if we do not opay, cannot park if we do not renew...being weekend we were unable to do anything so on top we had to pay daily tickets ....bad start....
Once less stressed i had a little go at driving around the house but too scary without the spare padlas so def need to find new instructor :(

At least sorted the garden and planted our new garden pots and did packing for next weekend :)

 photo test 002.jpg
 photo test 004.jpg
 photo test 006.jpg
 photo test 007.jpg
 photo test 008.jpg
 photo test 009.jpg

Sunday was the Alternative Bring and Buy, followed by pizza at aces & eights then onto Elsa Birthday party

 photo test 015.jpg