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Adhemar Castle, Montelimar - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Adhemar Castle, Montelimar [Jul. 24th, 2015|06:07 pm]
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Sunday 12 July: Adhemar Castle, Chloe, Montelimar and Isabelle

On the sunday we left Bessey to drive to Montelimar where we were able to briefly catch up with my other niece Chloe before she set off on holiday , eat yummy flower cake and see her new flat.
Visited the Adhemar Castle which is also an art exhibition venue before heading off to stay at my sister down in Ardeche in the evening. http://chateaux.ladrome.fr/chateau-des-adhemar

 photo DSCN9716.jpg

chloe first owned flat
 photo DSCN9693.jpg

exhibition at Adhemar Castle
 photo DSCN9694.jpg
 photo DSCN9697.jpg
 photo DSCN9698.jpg
 photo DSCN9699.jpg
 photo DSCN9700.jpg
 photo DSCN9701.jpg
the castle itself
 photo DSCN9702.jpg
 photo DSCN9703.jpg
 photo DSCN9704.jpg
 photo DSCN9705.jpg
 photo DSCN9707.jpg
 photo DSCN9712.jpg
 photo DSCN9715.jpg

 photo DSCN9717.jpg
 photo DSCN9718.jpg
little stroll round the market in montelimar
 photo DSCN9719.jpg

arriving at my sister for dinner :)
 photo DSCN9727.jpg
 photo DSCN9728.jpg