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Behesht [Jul. 6th, 2015|12:41 pm]

Saturday 4 July.

As always post cemetery we all went to Mason Arms and then that night  we had booked an Iranian restaurant in Kensal Green : Behesht that looked super pretty...however very unfriendly service, food a bit dry and we didn't even get to seat in one of the pretty rooms we had booked for despite being quite empty.


Sunday was spent packing for france and playing boardgames in the garden with yummy homemade amoretto salted caramel icecream smoothies
 photo 11709448_10153444607902641_6015340113578776997_n.jpg
 photo 11201119_10153444606302641_8145301732184505437_n.jpg

 photo front_room2-s.jpg
 photo front_room3-s.jpg
 photo main_room-s.jpg
 photo front_room1-s.jpg

 photo 10414847_10152825387516548_3774247442677655117_n.jpg
 photo 11050637_10152825387581548_7437020200291270546_n.jpg
 photo 11143137_10152825387636548_60569936235655251_n.jpg
 photo 11401388_10152825387686548_4909870609592379678_n.jpg
 photo 11659501_10152825387721548_4534400822247225988_n.jpg