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Comic Book Route , The Coffin Bar and more - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Comic Book Route , The Coffin Bar and more [Jun. 24th, 2015|06:33 pm]
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Monday 15 June : Comic Book Route , The Coffin Bar and more

Last Monday was all about comics, so armed with maps we decided to find a few from the Comic Book Route (lots of wonderful famous comic murals on buildings ). Also a great way to explore and discover new parts of Brussels. Saw a good section of them, mostly creating a route so i could see the Olivier Rameau one (one of my prefered BD) and childhood fav Yoko Stuno. In between catching Lucky Luke, Tintin, Asterix, Thorgal and more...this was just a fraction of how many are doted around the city.

In between we also popped into every second hand bookshops and comic shops opened on a monday, sadly the comic strip village was closed. Also visited a pretty church and ended up drinking in the Coffin bar (again)

 photo DSCN8690.jpg
random big pot neat station

 photo DSCN8675.jpg
 photo DSCN8676.jpg

just fromt he outside :( the website lies like most thing not on monday :(
 photo DSCN8677.jpg
looks cool sadly jazz club
 photo DSCN8680.jpg

not part of route but as we were talking photos of walls that day
 photo DSCN8681.jpg

maneken pis was dressed that day
 photo DSCN8683.jpg

the hip hop version
 photo DSCN8686.jpg

Olivier Rameau
 photo DSCN8688.jpg


 photo DSCN8692.jpg
 photo DSCN8693.jpg
 photo DSCN8695.jpg
victor sackville
 photo DSCN8696.jpg
 photo DSCN8697.jpg

loved the tree inside Lady of good help church
 photo DSCN8698.jpg
 photo DSCN8699.jpg
 photo DSCN8700.jpg

Ric Hochet
 photo DSCN8702.jpg
Monsieur jean
 photo DSCN8703.jpg
simon lost under piles of comic
 photo DSCN8704.jpg
Isabelle et Calendula
 photo DSCN8705.jpg
 photo DSCN8706.jpg
Lucky luke
 photo DSCN8708.jpg
with atonium
 photo DSCN8711.jpg
 photo DSCN8712.jpg
amazing comic shop window...
 photo DSCN8714.jpg
 photo DSCN8715.jpg
 photo DSCN8716.jpg

Yoko !!!!!!!!!!
 photo DSCN8717.jpg
 photo DSCN8718.jpg

 photo DSCN8719.jpg
Just pretty owls
 photo DSCN8720.jpg
waffles :)
 photo DSCN8721.jpg
ended up back on grande place to try roy d'espagne but too pricey
 photo DSCN8722.jpg
 photo DSCN8723.jpg
 photo DSCN8725.jpg

super yummy baclavas
 photo DSCN8726.jpg
 photo DSCN8727.jpg
one fancy hotel inside
 photo DSCN8728.jpg

so back to old favorite the Coffin bar
 photo DSCN8730.jpg
 photo DSCN8733.jpg
 photo DSCN8740.jpg
 photo DSCN8744.jpg
 photo DSCN8745.jpg
 photo DSCN8746.jpg
 photo DSCN8748.jpg
 photo DSCN8759.jpg
 photo DSCN8760.jpg
 photo DSCN8761.jpg