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Carrie the Musical - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Carrie the Musical [May. 6th, 2015|12:33 pm]

Tuesday 5 May: Carrie the Musical

Sleepy and tired...but back at work and straight to theatre that night as i had ticket to join Aly & rob at southwark playhouse.

Carrie the Musical was good fun, for a small fringe theatre the singing and effect were fantastic. There was time i felt a bit that i was in the middle of Fame (being next to corridor lots of singing happen next to me ), they very much focused on the high school things and not as much on the telekinesis bit sadly but when they did they were very well done. Both Carrie and her mum were just so well cast and a great theatrical rendition of the final scene. Pretty much high school musical with blood. I imagine this will be one musical that might moved onto the West end later on.

One amusing thing happen as we exited the theatre, the TV in the bar had the news on and Ed and our weekend encampment was on TV talking about election

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