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Prop Sale [Feb. 23rd, 2015|05:38 pm]
Friday 20 th February: Prop sale

Booked that day off today so we can check this prop sale. http://us9.campaign-archive2.com/…
The prop sale was both amazing and overwhelming, rooms filled with mannequins...shiny, pregnant, headless, beautiful corset old fashion, bits of arms , feet, heads, every size ages......anything that might be used in shops...wishing i had big budget and house. Prices from £1 per hat to £150 for beautiful wooden moving mannequin. Made a perfect outing for Nadia birthday as she relived many of her fav 80's flicks
Still undecided if we should have bought a mannequin or not...we also were so tempted by all the headless baby ones
As we were in the area , Nadia made me discover all the amazing fabric and trim shops of Walthamstow market street smile emoticon . What a morning we have returned home with a strange bag of things: heads, arm, hat, crown, bag of hair

 photo 11018727_10152544470751548_3752641984447146619_n.jpg

 photo 10168055_10152544470566548_8577148290094605983_n.jpg
 photo 10417611_10152544470531548_437106501567498570_n.jpg

the home return shopping
 photo 10338770_10152544476886548_717471797300803748_n.jpg
scary car boot
 photo 10685552_10152544477116548_2849933231801060641_n.jpg
 photo 10987680_10152544473391548_5511577873631239421_n.jpg
 photo 10987382_10152544470586548_7822791562647955559_n.jpg
 photo 11013325_10152544470796548_3432448710878588933_n.jpg

 photo 10995929_10152544473406548_1581565402461069811_n.jpg