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Temple Lodge (London Open House Sunday) - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Temple Lodge (London Open House Sunday) [Sep. 24th, 2014|08:20 pm]
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Sunday 21 September (8)
Temple Lodge – An odd Georgian house/B&B/Christian renewal centre. Friendly but peculiar. Once the studio of artist Sir Frank Brangwyn.  Nice house and garden with large room  to meet and meditate. The church was very modern small time capsule like, very claustrophobic .  Not quite I imagine with the name.  Also attached a big veggie restorant.

afterward we went to the Swan pub (very william morris decor to continue the theme) for dinner and a most wonderful end of the weekend at a pub on the riverside..we had the top balcony to ourselves :)

 photo test347.jpg

 photo test348.jpg

 photo test349.jpg

 photo test350.jpg

 photo test351.jpg

 photo test355.jpg
the swans
 photo test357.jpg

views from the dove
 photo test358.jpg

 photo test359.jpg

 photo test360.jpg

 photo 1545113_10152253518421548_8965629823058463243_n.jpg

 photo 10169202_10152253518256548_4274289160067048910_n.jpg

 photo 997046_10152253518206548_3130671667822925745_n.jpg

 photo 10359157_10152253518146548_3456975081127882811_n.jpg