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Duinrell Theme Park & Water Park :) - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Duinrell Theme Park & Water Park :) [Aug. 18th, 2014|06:11 pm]
Tuesday 29 August
Duinrell Amusement park & Tiki-bad water park

A very nice family friendly theme park, not much proper thrill rides but lots of lovely ones and little queues so had a fun day going on everything...by 6pm the rides closed and we then went to the water park (we bought the mega pack)
That was a lot busier and scarier, some of the slides were insane, so fast and ending in a wheel upside down then dropped ...loved it but that bit too busy and after a day on rides ...we all started to flag after a few hours...so went for dutch pancake to end the day and collapse full of cuts and bruises :)

 photo 10468368_10152155358691548_8476324162907529739_n.jpg

queue excitement

 photo IMG_2269.jpg
weird artwork around

 photo IMG_2270.jpg
frogs everywhere

 photo IMG_2271.jpg

 photo IMG_2272.jpg
 photo IMG_2273.jpg
here we go let's get a bit wet

 photo IMG_2276.jpg

 photo IMG_2277.jpg

 photo IMG_2278.jpg

my fav went on a few times

 photo IMG_2280.jpg

 photo IMG_2281.jpg

 photo IMG_2282.jpg

another good one

 photo IMG_2283.jpg

 photo IMG_2284.jpg

 photo IMG_2287.jpg
 photo IMG_2290.jpg

 photo IMG_2292.jpg

 photo IMG_2294.jpg

 photo IMG_2297.jpg

 photo IMG_2300.jpg
 photo IMG_2302.jpg
 photo IMG_2310.jpg  photo IMG_2311.jpg
 photo IMG_2312.jpg
 photo IMG_2317.jpg

cool shadow photo things

 photo IMG_2318.jpg
 photo IMG_2319.jpg  photo IMG_2321.jpg  photo IMG_2322.jpg
 photo IMG_2323.jpg
 photo IMG_2324.jpg
 photo IMG_2327.jpg  photo IMG_2328.jpg
 photo IMG_2329.jpg
i bought a unicorn as match one of my festival outfits

 photo IMG_2336.jpg
 photo IMG_2341.jpg
 photo IMG_2342.jpg
 photo IMG_2349.jpg
 photo IMG_2352.jpg
 photo IMG_2353.jpg
 photo IMG_2355.jpg  photo IMG_2360.jpg
 photo IMG_2361.jpg
 photo IMG_2362.jpg
 photo IMG_2365.jpg
 photo IMG_2366.jpg
 photo IMG_2367.jpg
 photo IMG_2368.jpg
 photo IMG_2373.jpg
 photo IMG_2374.jpg
 photo IMG_2377.jpg
 photo IMG_2378.jpg
 photo IMG_2379.jpg  photo IMG_2383.jpg
 photo IMG_2387.jpg
 photo IMG_2393.jpg
 photo IMG_2398.jpg  photo IMG_2401.jpg

Now the water park...few taken as too busy being in the water

that was quite scary...

 photo IMG_2405.jpg  photo IMG_2409.jpg

this one mental as you arrived in that wheel after the fastest ever slide looping you about
 photo IMG_2411.jpg
 photo IMG_2414.jpg
 photo IMG_2415.jpg
 photo IMG_2417.jpg

bye bye

 photo IMG_2419.jpg  photo IMG_2421.jpg  photo IMG_2422.jpg