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WGT Sat: Pink is the new black - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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WGT Sat: Pink is the new black [Jun. 16th, 2014|05:19 pm]

Saturday 7th June

Been a long time since i wore that much pink but i made the skirt headgear and hat so needed a outing. Corset and jacket by wyte-phantom which i then decorated a bit more with various nacklace and hats

Musically it started with Schneewitchen at Parkbhune at 3.30…this place a sun absorber (crazy high of 40 degree at least in there) …it was so hot but she is an act than so good cannot be missed…always a bit of a show and what a dress. Melted and too late to catch Inkkies we instead took solace in refreshing Prosecco berries ice cream and also discover we were in the newspaper. We wanted to catch at least one gig inside the monument as such an amazing venue to went to see Midgur Boten, not as weird as expected, got a bit bored as never quite build up so left a bit before the end and headed back to the Pagan Village for shopping, fruit-based beverages, and Cecile Corbel and Al Andaluz Project (featuring Qntal singer) . For once we could get to the Neo-Romantic Club from the start, the music that night was even better and much more like at GN…lots of dancing before returning to hotel and having a bit of a pool party with lots of friends until early hours again.

 photo IMG_0547.jpg

 photo IMG_0548.jpg

 photo IMG_0549.jpg

 photo IMG_0550.jpg

 photo IMG_0551.jpg

 photo IMG_0553.jpg

 photo IMG_0561.jpg
 photo IMG_0563.jpg

 photo IMG_0569.jpg

 photo IMG_0570.jpg

 photo IMG_0577.jpg

 photo IMG_0587.jpg

 photo IMG_0588.jpg
 photo IMG_0592.jpg

 photo IMG_0594.jpg
cool graffitis
 photo IMG_0595.jpg
in the paper
 photo IMG_0597.jpg

 photo IMG_0600.jpg
ice cream time
 photo IMG_0601.jpg

 photo IMG_0602.jpg
Battle of the nation monument

 photo IMG_0604.jpg

 photo IMG_0608.jpg
Midgur Boten,
 photo IMG_0613.jpg

 photo IMG_0614.jpg

Pagan Village and Cecile Corbel

 photo IMG_0618.jpg

 photo IMG_0619.jpg

 photo IMG_0620.jpg

 photo IMG_0621.jpg

 photo IMG_0622.jpg

 photo IMG_0624.jpg

 photo IMG_0628.jpg

 photo IMG_0629.jpg

 photo IMG_0631.jpg
tea time
 photo IMG_0634.jpg
i prefer to drink their mint tea but pose with rose tea for photo as match outfit :)
 photo IMG_0636.jpg
Al Andaluz
 photo IMG_0640.jpg

 photo IMG_0641.jpg

 photo IMG_0646.jpg
 photo IMG_0648.jpg
 photo IMG_0654.jpg
 photo IMG_0657.jpg
 photo IMG_0661.jpg
 photo IMG_0663.jpg
 photo IMG_0665.jpg
 photo IMG_0669.jpg