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Signs, Symbols, Secrets exhibition @ Science Museum - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Signs, Symbols, Secrets exhibition @ Science Museum [Dec. 9th, 2013|06:58 pm]
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Tuesday 2 December
This followed perfectly after visiting the Science Museum Library, I didn’t realise they had found one of the Ripley scroll in their Archives. I recently discover those at the Magic Books exhibition in Oxford. So beautiful and filled with wonderful and fascinating alchemical symbols. Very nice little exhibition, explaining some of the symbols and with a few books on display and it has been expanded until January.

 photo IMG_5372-1.jpg

 photo IMG_5375-1.jpg

 photo IMG_5376-1.jpg

 photo IMG_5377-1.jpg

 photo IMG_5378-1.jpg

 photo IMG_5379.jpg

 photo IMG_5380-1.jpg

 photo IMG_5381-1.jpg

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