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Touristy London with friends - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Touristy London with friends [Dec. 9th, 2013|06:06 pm]
Saturday 30 November
On Saturday my friend veronique and her family arrived in London so I went to join them at their hotel and took them on a little touristy visit of London (first visit for her children and bf)
So we did all the usual sights, walk to west end via Chinatown, Piccadilly circus, Leicester square (M&Ms shop as always), Trafalgar square, horse guards, Big Ben, St James park to play with squirrels, Covent garden…and as our feet were quite tired jumped on a bus to go and have dinner in Camden that night…..

those taken on the phone and really were for on the day of Fb so not clearest photos

 photo 1470238_10151729335601548_1099764958_n.jpg

 photo 946053_10151729335916548_1334551733_n.jpg

 photo 1463073_10151729337561548_2065290982_n.jpg

 photo 1461738_10151729336511548_1715267866_n.jpg

 photo 1463599_10151729336771548_264405860_n.jpg

 photo 1441325_10151729337016548_789982024_n.jpg

 photo 1463997_10151729337391548_1180667746_n.jpg

 photo 1479538_10151729336091548_1674650749_n.jpg