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Sake & Cocktail afternoon - MorbidFrog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Sake & Cocktail afternoon [Dec. 9th, 2013|05:55 pm]
Friday 29 November....
Flexi day, after a nice lie in, i joined Donna in Camden, this was kind of a late overdue birthday treat , a pre-xmas and a damn good excuse to finally see Miss Donna, all together a fab afternoon cathing up, eating lots of yummy japanese food alongside the largest bottle of sake available, followed by the hottest chili rasperry cocktail in a brazilian bar and donna one that had a banana disguise as a dolphin, ending the day in wonderful Gilgamesh for our all time fav cocktail...their fig and apple martini...and a yummy caramel and vanilla cream martini.....and home to collapse :)

 photo 1473005_10151727642071548_64135870_n.jpg

 photo 1459942_10151727642351548_458048691_n.jpg

 photo 1473003_10151727544476548_4873724_n.jpg

 photo 1471741_10151727642436548_671169991_n.jpg

 photo 1473062_10151727545541548_1091599032_n.jpg

 photo 1478986_10151727642251548_1408052893_n.jpg

 photo 1486827_10151727544551548_2003643717_n.jpg