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I am a book cover [Feb. 23rd, 2017|07:54 pm]
Most excellent, one of my sister painting has become a "book cover" So you could have me as a horned spider headdress wearing cow covering your book everyday :) .

originated from this photo

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(no subject) [Feb. 23rd, 2017|07:18 pm]

My sister just send me photos of some of her new paintings :)
This one is Poulpe (80x80)

and Roccoco (80x80)

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shed and storage [Feb. 23rd, 2017|06:07 pm]
Sunday 19th February: unplanned diy

That day planss were cancelled as Twinkle wasn't feeling great so instead we continued with sorting stuff at home. Ended up a most successful day, another trip to the tip, as being a sunny day we finally emptied the shed and reorganised it. Why until yesterday I never thought of removing the door to the dressing room ? so much easier now and I reorganised lots of the furniture around and created a much better storage for all my hairs and hats. Just need another unexpected sunny free day and can finally finish painting all the horrible pine furniture in that room.

 photo IMG_0110.jpg
 photo IMG_0113.jpg
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Thea Birthday & Reptile [Feb. 23rd, 2017|06:06 pm]
Saturday  18 February: Thea Birthday & Reptile

Busy day of diy, sorting some new storages, putting final touches to our Dryad ball outfits and sorting the fringe for my latest wig.
In the evening we started in the Big Red for Thea Birthday celebration then onto Reptile. Lots of dancing, Darkstar performance, Dicepeople gig and it turned out that light purple hair turn UV white on the dancefloor, Simon had no problem finding me. Did my first driving practice for this year on the way back too

 photo IMG_0059.jpg

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Xmas and NYE in Thailand [Feb. 17th, 2017|12:31 pm]
Simon and I will be spending this Xmas and NYE in Thailand (in celebration for our big 10 year anniversary next January).

Finally after many evenings spent comparing ever changing priced flights, plotting cost versus dates versus leave...it is booked . I just now need to start plotting our itenary, well once Vienna and Madrid are plotted first (luckily a "few" guidebooks are on my bday list).

Finally will get to visit that kitsch Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden

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An evening with Neil Gaiman [Feb. 16th, 2017|07:27 pm]
Wednesday 15 February: An evening with Neil Gaiman

Royal Festival Hall
Neil Gaiman says:
"I will read stories, be interviewed, answer questions, and, if I can, even show unique trailers for upcoming feature film and TV series. "

Great evening listening to Mister Neil Gaiman talked about Norse Gods and all his exciting projects in the pipeline, great to hear the news of the sequel to Neverwhere: Seven Sisters, more on the upcoming TV series for American Gods and we got treated with an exclusive trailer for How to talk to girls at parties film. Also great to bump into so many friends.

all went to dinner first in Ping Pong (overly expensive for so little food..not recommended) but nice to help Sarah celebrate her birthday
 photo IMG_0043.jpg
 photo IMG_0044.jpg

pre order the signed copy
 photo IMG_0045.jpg
 photo IMG_0047.jpg

 photo IMG_0049.jpg
 photo IMG_0052.jpg
 photo IMG_0054.jpg
 photo IMG_0057.jpg
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New table [Feb. 16th, 2017|06:08 pm]
Monday 13 February: new table

Finally find the round extendable table we have been after (at right price/location on Gumtree) so we went to Watford to collect it last night (luckily just fitted in the car). When extended it will be perfect for games and dinner parties (and take over whole room).

 photo IMG_0018.jpg

 photo IMG_0021.jpg

Not easy to try to catch a picture with the lights coming out of it but the new lampstand we got at enchanted market works great when we want a more moody room :) Still playing at where works best in the room.
 photo IMG_0022.jpg

 photo IMG_0024.jpg

 photo IMG_0027.jpg

Jazz checking her new table, although a bit too high for her old bones to attempt a jump, so we had to pull a chair out a bit to help climbing on there
 photo IMG_0036.jpg
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The Enchanted Market & Inkubus Sukkubus [Feb. 16th, 2017|06:02 pm]
Saturday 11 February: The Enchanted Market & Inkubus Sukkubus

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RIP Meridian [Feb. 16th, 2017|05:55 pm]
Week 6-10 February

On Monday took the cats back to the vet to check if medication is working...so usual stressful journey for them of being sick and dribbling and bed news Meridian need to return for another blood test and all good with Jazz
Tuesday Game night at Liza and Paul cooked us a yummy cider cheese fondue .
Wednesday return visit to the vet for poor Meridian to have a blood test and she returned very stress and grumpy but apparently all was well and Thyroids under control. Thta day was full of crap and depressing news regarding EU rights here...
Thursday/friday so so so sad...will just copy and paste what i posted on FB as rewriting it just still too upsetting

RIP to our beloved cat Meridian. Last night was so stressful and emotional, especially at the beginning as I was by myself through many different stages of her decline. In the end I managed to rest her on me and stroke her till she just became quite cathartic. She passed away in the early hours of the night next to both of us, so I know that at 18 and having been a very happy healthy cat it is as good as it get. We have just returned from the vet, who think she had a stroke and as you can imagine are two complete emotional mess right now.
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Sol Invictus - The English Dead (with Simon Satori) [Feb. 16th, 2017|04:29 pm]
You can hear the latest project/song for which Simon Satori joined Sol Invictus :) Out now as a vinyl
Great review from Looney runes:
:Since long years I find it to be among the greatest things in Neofolk each time again, when Tony Wakeford comes along with one of his alternative national anthems.
Now he did one of these for the "Ghostly Whistlings" mini album by (which is sold out already, as far as I can see, but is to be found on bandcamp for the belated).
For the Sol Invictus contribution "The English Dead" Tony decided to hand over the microphone to Simon Satori, who was the singer of the more traditional goth rockers Rome Burns back in the day.
Simon's voice is special, surely one to like or not to like. To my ears he is sounding just perfect for the glorious lyrics and the sinister melodies of this song.
Despite not singing the lead vocals Tony is very present here, too - not only with his archetypical guitar shrumming, but also with some mighty backing growls.

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