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Raven King Dress [Oct. 20th, 2016|12:04 pm]
This week like many others mostly upset about politics and certain friends who cannot seem to understand why I,(and many) are worried and upset, anyway all that is more for FB  and must try to keep this LJ for the better side of things with adventure & creations.
Off to Glastonbury for the Raven King Ball tomorrow,  Ballgown finally all packed, pleased how the final hair piece works after many failures (after attempting turning cheap wig into rococco one ..it consist of a wig with home made buns wraps inside) .
One amusing incident when i realised the black bird necklace i had attached onto my corset had lost it's beak, so frantic looking around the house for plastic birds. I eventually found one and did mini surgery of beak swapping :) the odd unicorns also were added as after all it is Glastonbury
Just a few snippets until saturday...decided not to go for regency and influence myself on the ball scene in the serie, so gone more ravens and roccocco.

 photo IMG_6453.jpg

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Hats and home [Oct. 17th, 2016|07:04 pm]
Sunday 16 October

Mostly halloween shopping, braved tottenham retail park to go to asda living...got halloween socks so happy..as well as tkmaxx, lidl, wilko..got a few things but gosh sunday shopping is horrible crazy queues everywhere...why we so rarely do it.
Rest of the day sorting suitcases for glastonbury..made few new head gear for the daytime :)

 photo IMG_6921.jpg

 photo IMG_6917.jpg

 photo IMG_6911.jpg
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Wendy in the UK [Oct. 17th, 2016|06:59 pm]
Saturday 15 October: Wendy in the UK

Late afternoon, Aly and Rob came to ours and we were later joined by Wendy and her family after their visit to NHM, as they are visiting the UK. Later in the evening Nadia and Smaff joined us and we took everyone to our local turkish restaurant . A little noisy on a sat night but glad to see everyone. Meeting up with them all again next week at ball in Glastonbury.

 photo 14657338_10153737784066548_617815021103457608_n.jpg
 photo 14591759_10153982505652957_3596245154812001775_n.jpg
 photo 14641916_10153737784221548_7830960190186128473_n.jpg
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St Bride Ossuary/ Crypt guided tour [Oct. 17th, 2016|06:48 pm]
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Saturday 15 October: St Bride Ossuary guided tour

I have been to a few gigs in St Bride but never realised there was a crypt/museum underneath.  There you can see various foundations and a 19th-century iron coffin, created to deter body snatchers. The crypt was discovered following bombings in the Blitz and thousands of human remains were found. Luckily on this special tour we went behind the public crypt, as a little ossuary is still there, where the remains are still arranged as originally left in.  The crypt corridor also filled with archive boxes full of bones. There was even a little office with wall to wall boxes full of remain and got a fascinating talk by Museum of London bioarcheologist on how they use those for their studies and research. No photos of the remains but added some found online to try illustrate our visit.  Very different to the more opulent decorative ossuary but still as fascinating, especially all the current research happening there currently.
This was part of the excellent Month of the Dead program. http://www.londonmonthofthedead.com/

more on the crypt ans st bride:

 photo ossuary_s1.jpg

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Stream of Passion Gig [Oct. 17th, 2016|06:42 pm]
Thursday 13 October:Stream of Passion

Great evening with friends. Ade and Andromeda came to London for the gig , so we all went for Bento first. Stream of Passion did a very fab, explosive set for their farewell tour. Pythia had a very different line up to me seeing them previously and loved their matching armours :) Awake by design,  nothing great. Ade stayed over so lots of chatting and a very later night...friday was a bit of a wash out go to bed earlier...so sad it should have been the Goblin Ball, but it got cancelled :(

 photo IMG_6840.jpg

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Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children [Oct. 17th, 2016|05:36 pm]
Wednesday 12 October: Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Mad rush to cinema after work worked perfect...as we caught Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, usual completely empty cinema and still home in time for great Bake Off :) What a lovely film, very much enjoyed it and so many fab touches. we came out with a big smile on our faces :)

 photo MissPEREGRINEposter.jpg
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Darkher, Smallman, SUMER, Subrosa Gig and Paul Birthday [Oct. 12th, 2016|06:01 pm]
Tuesday 11 October: Darkher, Smallman, SUMER, Subrosa Gig and Paul Birthday

Last night started in Bento to celebrate Paul birthday (we were so pleased to have found a carved version of him) followed by a great gig night at the Underworld, fantastic array of bands. Primarily we went there to see Darkher and they didn’t disappoint, dark, atmospheric, lonely, moody, goosebumps intensive music and this time we were able to grab an album. A new discovery were Smallman, kept thinking Orphaned Land meets My dying Bride with added bagpipes. Loved them. The opening band SUMER had a lot of guitars and a great voice and Subrosa, I am still undecided loved the more eeries singing bits, great to see ladies headbanging with their violins and I love their albums artworks but just not sure of the more shouty punky bits. For a Tuesday night not bad, full of yummy bento food, lots of new CD’s and watching bands with lots of friends

birthday boy
 photo IMG_6725.jpg

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Reptile [Oct. 11th, 2016|06:12 pm]
Saturday 8th October: Reptile

Plans were to go on the Zombie walk but i was feeling quite tired and in much need of a day at home , so instead a much needed lie in, finished my raven dress and started plotting for halloween.
in the evening we went to Reptile...so many clashes that night...death in june/murphy mission gigs, invocation, slimelight 29th birthday , reptile..it was so hard to decide but as we missed so many reptiles recently really wanted to go there. It was a good night but lacked friends a little bit as we were all over the place.
I got to wear the latest bolero i made :)

Sunday 9th October:
 i drove us back in one piece from Reptile :) Attempted to bake a chocolate cake for Rob , in exchange of him bringing his car round so we can have a test drive in an automatic to see what the difference is like. Later on Aly joined us and spend the day playing board games .

 photo IMG_6693.jpg

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South London Pacific Tikki Tikki Bar [Oct. 11th, 2016|05:04 pm]
Friday 7 October: Tikki Tikki Bar Renee Birthday

That night  we went to a very cool Tikki Tikki bar (south London Pacific ) for Renee Rosen-Wakeford birthday, a lovely night with friends and the discovery of a very cool new place with affordable cocktails and great decor. I was feeling quite exhausted that day so sadly a short visit and just one cocktail for me. it has been there for years surprised i never knew about it!!

 photo IMG_6660.jpg

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what a week [Oct. 11th, 2016|05:00 pm]
Tuesday 4 October
Tory came round for dinner, see the house and collect lots of books for her research :)

Wednesdat 5 October
Morrison halloween has arrived...good as such a bad days with all the latest politics suggestions of work of naming their foreigner and general nastyness online. My FB post being hijacked by trolls and general horrible brexit stuff. Also that day worried as my mum went into hospital.

 photo 14595761_10153710200596548_1087320801421988032_n.jpg photo 14563479_10153710199661548_2413346061409294054_n.jpg

Thursday 6 October
 Lovely evening at Gigi and Jon, the Halloween season really has started as i ate halloween crisps and jelly bats, pulled halloween crackers and drank pumpkin bailey :) I also had one of my best win ever playing Castle of Mad King Ludwig and tried two new fun games ..the cutest ever Exploding Kittens and the "mess with your head" Masquerade

 photo 14520536_10153713872701548_3205909573832386562_n.jpg
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