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Sheep accross London Bridge [Sep. 26th, 2016|06:15 pm]
Sunday 25 September: Sheep accross London Bridge

Sunday was slightly surreal as it involved watching friends herding sheeps across London Bridge (Sophie did in in mega style wearing a full Rococco dress and wig). This might sound random but it is a thing, they were exercising their rights as Freemen of the city.
Amusing sight for any passer-by to see Marie Antoinette with sheeps being cheered by lots of goths :)

 photo IMG_6386.jpg

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Paradise Lost- The September Masquerade [Sep. 26th, 2016|06:11 pm]
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Saturdat 24 September: Paradise Lost- The September Masquerade

Paul joined me at home and we made our way to Waterloo (although I would have prefered not to have end up in tube carriage post football match on our way there dress like that)
 It was great to be back in that venue again (vaults under Waterloo) and another excuse for some dressing up, but the event itself lacked something.

 photo IMG_6206.jpg

 photo IMG_6207.jpg

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Dolls and skulls factory [Sep. 26th, 2016|06:06 pm]
Saturday 24 September: Dolls and skulls factory

Simon left on Friday night to do some music creation with Try and Nev and I made the most of a day at home working on creations...sorted outfit for that night and headdress for the Ravenking Ball.
The garden end up  looking a little bit like a weird doll parts factory today :) Also been playing with polysterene skull trying to make them less polysterene...spraying one of them had some interesting unepected effect :)

 photo IMG_6199.jpg

 photo IMG_6203.jpg

 photo IMG_6348.jpg
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Victorian Waterpoint, St Pancras Old church, Keats House, 2 Willow Road, Burgh House & Quakers [Sep. 23rd, 2016|05:48 pm]
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Sunday 18 September: London Open House (Kings Cross/Hampstead)
Victorian Waterpoint, St Pancras old church, Keats House, 2 Willow Road, Burgh House & Hampstead Friends Meeting House

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 photo IMG_6096.jpg

 photo IMG_6097.jpg
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Marrakech Anniversary [Sep. 22nd, 2016|05:58 pm]
All excited i have booked a little trip to Marrakech for our anniversary weekend in January...mega cheap flights (£50) , which meant decided to upgrade on the hotel (well classical Morrocan Riad)..as i saw that perfect dream one, right in the middle of the Medina, with breakfast, wifi, pool and so so pretty.
Got an incredible deal on Airbnb (£31 a night), more than half the price than on booking.com (and i already get some good discount) , even better i had a voucher to use as we stayed in one in Melbourne.

Cannot wait now :)
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Wimbledon Windmill, Wistaston Cottage, Quaker Meeting House & Emanuel School (LOH Sat) [Sep. 21st, 2016|06:10 pm]
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Saturday 17 September : London Open House (Merton /Wandsworth):Wimbledon Windmill, Wistaston Cottage, Wandsworth Quaker Meeting House and Emanuel School

Our next stop was Wimbledon Windmill , sadly mostly under scaffolding and no wings atm, still always nice to visit and lovely little museum inside full of windmills models.
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A walk across the park confusing the dog walkers and joggers took us to Roehampton where we visited Wistaston Cottage . A new two-storey timber rear extension to a Gothic revival semi-detached house.  A bit minimalist and modern for my taste, but always interesting to see contemporary extensions and it was kind of on route.

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From there we caught a bus to the Wandsworth Quaker Meeting House, Grade II listed, this is the oldest Quaker meeting house in Greater London (1778), with original panelling and a ministers' gallery. Secluded burial ground and garden. Having done Uxbridge last year it was nice to see another also after a lovely visit they fed us yummy tea and cakes.
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Our final visit was Emanuel School , former Royal Patriotic orphanage, converted to school 1883. Set in 12 acres, just like you sometimes see in film, that was grand and so many stories of teachers and pupils, the archivist did the tour and he was passionate about the subject and we went all around the labyrinth that that school is. More modern inside (apart from church and music room) but what an exterior.

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Ending in a lovely pub to rest.

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Buddhapadipa Temple & St Mary's Church & Garden Hall (London Open House Saturday) [Sep. 21st, 2016|05:49 pm]
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Saturday 17 September : London Open House (Merton /Wandsworth)Buddhapadipa Temple & St Mary's Church & Garden Hall

What I love with open house is discovering new section of London. On Saturday we mostly explored around the Wimbledon/Wandsworth area.
Our journey started in Wimbledon park (what a lovely residential area) passed a lovely Artesian Well (1798) later converted into a house (1975). Our first visit was St Mary's Church & Garden Hall , a Grade II listed church by Gilbert Scott. A very lovely ceiling but not so sure about the modern Riba winning Garden Hall, just a glass box to me. The graveyard had a fantastic pyramid monument.

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The  Buddhapadipa Temple , OMG I think the highlight of this year open house. I was expecting a  nice shiny Buddhist Theravada Temple instead I got that, and some unexpected modern additions (Built in 1982) Some sections would make most beautiful album covers, most surreal are the nuclear missile amongst the demons and  a two-headed robotic Gaddafi,  there’s a punk in heaven and Vincent Van Gogh upside down and even a the Mona Lisa. Hell looks like it was design by Giger…add to this all the beautiful buddhas, gilded decors, classical murals , monk quarters, tranquil lake and zen gardens it was just one of the most surprising visit .

 photo IMG_5908.jpg

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Ladies Bento Dinner [Sep. 21st, 2016|01:18 pm]
Friday 16 September: Ladies Bento Dinner

Bento and cocktails :)

 photo 14329998_10153665661896548_3923067610952896098_n.jpg
 photo 14355551_10153665661991548_1721629596054610730_n.jpg
 photo 14291705_10153665662066548_5346339295470590668_n.jpg
 photo 14370019_10153665662141548_1460636668752655078_n.jpg
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Kings Cross Pond [Sep. 21st, 2016|01:16 pm]
Thursday 15 September: Kings Cross Pond

it was fresh and got dark so fast but soon to be closed forever :(

 photo 20160915_225756.jpg
 photo 20160915_225830.jpg
 photo yy.jpg
 photo 20160915_232228.jpg
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Cement, Swim and new baby [Sep. 15th, 2016|05:23 pm]
Weird week as I usually post my excited happy entry to celebate my move to the UK, 22 years !!! however this year due to all the goings on politically it just doesn't quite feel the same.

However what i have been up to :)

Sunday 11 September
Spend Sunday making concrete and mixing it to our gravel in the front garden, this morning it finally looked set :) Not the prettiest look but cheapest option to stop our local diggers to throw it everywhere.

Monday 12 September
Involved a few games at Liza, my Mad Ludwig castle was even joined winner with Paul At this time of the year

 photo 89cc4f9590ca15cbba7a59343497d712.jpg

Tuesday 13 September
Such a perfect hot day , i decided to leave early and go to the ladies pond, , a refreshing 21 degree. It was still lovely and hot around after my swim i was even able to dry off in the grass with my book,before making my way home, so happy i sneak another visit before autum sadly comes.
Also that day I was supposed to go swimming with Katarina but she cancelled as this happened :)
Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome to the stage - The Heart breaker of Homerton, the legend of leyton - Alexander Anton Homola-Mitchell. Born 13th of September at 16:12 after 20 hours of labour. Weighing in at 3.8kg. Baby and mum are doing OK.

 photo 14329891_10153959830773652_3307929027087883844_n.jpg

Wednesday 14 September
Lauria and I went to visit the Katarina Homerton Hospital to see the new arrival: Baby Alexander

 photo IMG_5836.jpg
 photo IMG_5841.jpg
 photo IMG_5843.jpg
 photo IMG_5845.jpg
 photo IMG_5848.jpg

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