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Rob 50th [Aug. 15th, 2016|06:05 pm]
A much needed fun afternoon with friends in the sunshine to celebrate Rob 50th.

even been baking in between packing and sorting house on saturday

 photo IMG_4283.jpg

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Lost in the Manor: Sieben + The Silver Darlings + The Woods + Wolfe Hogan [Aug. 15th, 2016|05:57 pm]
Thursday 11 August: Lost in the Manor:  Sieben + The Silver Darlings + The Woods + Wolfe Hogan

Lovely evening watching bands and the discovery of a very nice fairly local music venue. It was also free. Great excuse to try one of the many turkish restaurant on Green lane we always drive by and of course to finally grab Sieben new album and ear some of it live.

 photo IMG_4222.jpg

 photo IMG_4235.jpg
 photo IMG_4238.jpg
 photo IMG_4240.jpg
 photo IMG_4276.jpg
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Rosa Crux 6eme Nuit Dark-Ritual [Aug. 9th, 2016|05:29 pm]
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Saturday 6 August: Rosa Crux 6eme Nuit Dark-Ritual
"Crypt filled with mummies, overgrown cemeteries, Gothic ruins burnt whilst bats on sticks flew round, skeleton witches flying on burning brooms, naked man in cage smash against metal plaque, dust eath dance, giant cello noise, art, ballroom and, of course, beautiful unearthly music by Jo Quail and Rosa Crux"

 photo IMG_3774.jpg

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Friday @ 6eme Nuit Ritual, Thoix Castle [Aug. 9th, 2016|12:49 pm]

Friday 5 August: Friday @ 6eme Nuit Ritual

On the Friday we all met up in south london and embark on our mini bus direction france...the comfiest bus i have been on as we had even a table to play games and so much space. We made such good time that we caught an ealier ferry and we checked in (near amiens) and were on the festival site in the afternoon (about 2 hours from calais), turned out we didn't really need to as it was more setting a up time for the organisers and people camping, so very little happened apart from a little open air film cinema ,but it was nice to see the various art installations for the main show on the Saturday, wander around their mini created cemetery and picnic by a mini gothic ruined cathedral and of course the perfect occasion to raid Rosa Crux merchandises stock before everyone else so in a typical fashion we have returned with skull candle holder, a mummified rat RC plaque and a bag .
However timetable and information like the website were lacking and not sure if the club every started or not but it hadn't by the time we left around 11pm.


 the setting in Thoix Chateaux
 photo IMG_3655.jpg

lots of rosa crux creations and the band (well olivier) was running around non stop

 photo IMG_3659.jpg

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Chris Riddell talks about Shakeaspeare "bottom [Aug. 3rd, 2016|07:43 pm]
Sunday 31 July: Chris Riddell talks about Shakeaspeare "bottom

On Sunday I just about made it to the Globe to see Chris Riddell talks about Shakeaspeare "bottom". He is such a wonderful speaker but even more amazing are the doodles he can create whilst chatting, cannot wait for the next goth girl book. Another reason was to finally have a peak inside Sam Wannamaker theatre...so pretty and an excuse to get more books signed . Sadly this little exursion and the air con the day before wiped me out , especially my vocal cords and i had to miss Kim Newman party that evening and collapse to bed for rest of the day instead

 photo IMG_3633.jpg

 photo IMG_3652.jpg

 photo IMG_3634.jpg
 photo IMG_3637.jpg
 photo IMG_3639.jpg
 photo IMG_3640.jpg
 photo IMG_3645.jpg
 photo IMG_3646.jpg
 photo IMG_3648.jpg
 photo IMG_3649.jpg
 photo IMG_3650.jpg
 photo IMG_3651.jpg
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Surrey Steampunk Convivial VII [Aug. 3rd, 2016|07:41 pm]
Saturday 30 July: Surrey Steampunk Convivial VII

A day of fun silliness from winning Battle Croquet to losing tea dueling, watching bands, flinging familiar, shopping and catching up with friends in New Malden.

 photo 13879273_10153550166121548_897338443608854814_n.jpg  photo 13876388_10153550166831548_3443255592287418287_n.jpg
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Girly Bento night [Aug. 3rd, 2016|06:34 pm]
Friday 29 July: Girly Bento night

Joined lots of friends for dinner in Bento, a lovely evening but sadlt despite said cold I had to be good and gome home after rather than go onto big red for Tom birthday

 photo 13901602_10153786588222957_8687272069753010706_n.jpg
 photo 13901386_10153786588227957_5298546172304838051_n.jpg
 photo 13880322_10153549172961548_441166446106269566_n.jpg

 photo 13680983_10153786588347957_1658940082574808465_n.jpg
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Kings Cross Pond [Aug. 3rd, 2016|06:27 pm]
Thursday 27 July: Kings Cross Pond

Since monday been feelinga  bit crap, with swollen tonsil...already cancel game night so decided to still go to the pond, unfortunately the weather was pretty crap so only had a 5 min swim as too short of breath and ended up watching everyone having fun (despite the rain)

 photo 13690615_10153545813731548_8186632125294674838_n.jpg
 photo 13880276_10153545813726548_4030964585300026200_n.jpg
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Newhaven Fort [Jul. 26th, 2016|08:40 pm]
Sunday 24 July: Newhaven Fort

the weather was pretty crap and Dorian was teething that day so the beach was sadly not an option so we went to visit Newhaven Fort.
Lots of tunnels to explored, very old fashion WW2 scenes and sea views. Not really my things but some of the tunnels were very spooky.

We then went to a lovely pub by the sea with delicious paella full of local fishes and seafood. Before heading back home and the horrible neighborhood kids have yet again digged out all our gravel out from our newly paved front garden. This is why we decided to pave it but we had to keep some gravel around the sides so now it is full of holes, both the street and our path covered and a complete mess again. So disdheartening to be sourrounded by families who have no respect of people private property but also leave rubbish everywhere...grump

 photo IMG_3410.jpg

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Newhaven Beach in the cloud [Jul. 26th, 2016|07:28 pm]
Saturday 23 July: Newhaven Beach in the cloud

After a long muggy drive we got to Newhaven to spend the weekend with Ilona, Roy and Dorian we pretty much immediately headed for the beach and it was weird due to low cloud, it was like being in a cloud and temperature really dropped (about 16 degree), couldn't even see the cliff but as we drove a long way to have swim so we went in. It was most surreal.
It slowly cleared but then the wind picked up so great for cloud but quite cold  so had to abandon and go back to there where it was hot and lovely again perfect for a BBQ and Games :)

ahhh UK summer :)

 photo 13754620_10153535379651548_2334656918163636382_n.jpg photo 13770278_10153535379731548_2984525525137039832_n.jpg

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